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Cowbaby at Six Months Old

This slideshow features a child's milestone six months. Taken at his home, the photographs capture the child in his natural environment.

In one set, the baby wears his dad's cowboy boots and hat, while in another series, his blue and white striped outfit matches his bedroom walls. Other props the mother wanted included were a wooden letter of his initial, toy tractors, his stuffed cow, and a farm scene blanket. I also photographed the baby candidly, as he examined his surroundings and discovered nearby objects, such as a book on pregnancy.

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  • Cowbaby Noah at Six Months
  • It's in the Boots
  • Cowbaby in Sepia
  • I'm Six Months Old Already?
  • N is for Noah
  • Born to Farm
  • Baby Blue
  • Little Hand
  • Baby Blue: I Love You
  • Cowbaby Title
  • Cowbaby from Side
  •  Cowbaby Boots
  • High Key Book
  • Blue Eyes
  • Aerial View
  • Farm Blanket
  • Moooove Along
  • What Are You Looking at?
  • Mama and Baby Vignette
  • Baby Blue Side View
  • Baby Blue Pajammas
  • B&W Closeup of Face